Liss Ard Garden
a feeling of peace...       ...while the rough, celtic character of the landscape still remains mostly unchanged. Stones and trees, symbols of ancient celtic belief, serve as mediators in creating a dialogue between man and nature. Trees being a symbol for the mortal, tangible - stones representing the immortal, eternal and - in reference to the region - also representing fate, having brought bad harvests and misery and often death to the country people and therefore providing links, points of reference, to the landscape outside Liss Ard.
    The very special design of the garden brings about a unique relationship with nature and allows us to become the centre of perception. It is a place to meditate and contemplate the wonders of nature and man's place in nature. It is a spiritual experience.
    Half forgotten empirical backgrounds, like the various sounds of the wind blowing or water flowing and dripping down or even the singing of birds - sounds that are often listened to on CD's for relaxation rather than in nature's reality these days,  will be brought back into awareness and become conscious experience again.
    According to Veith Turske a garden like this is almost radical in a world that has nearly forgotten how to read or disclose it's message.
    Yet those prepared to listen and hear the garden's voice will experience a stage of reflection that leads to an intensified sensory perception, a new sensuousness and even a change in behaviour, initiating the wish to preserve this environment for generations to come.
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