Liss Ard Garden
a garden for the senses   The name Liss Ard is derived from the gaelic Lios Ardh,  'high fort' - a ring shaped fort situated on a hill. Today's Liss Ard is an old celtic area in the southwest of Ireland,  near Skibbereen in West Cork. 50 acres of woodlands, meadows, lakes and waterfalls, devoted to Irish nature.
    In it's present form it has been originally created by Veith Turske,  who envisages this ecologically designed garden as a neverending process of art - a work of art that constantly developes and changes and therefore is never to be completed.
    In his opinion the garden has an archetypal meaning as a place dealing with mortality and immortality, embodying the instinctive, unconscious human longing to be reconciled with paradise. A place that may offer the height of relaxation as well as the peak of provocation - in a moment when we are not able to deal with the quiet tranquility of a garden.
    The Liss Ard scenery and it's given facts have been studied for a long time in order to establish the relation between flora and fauna and use them as a basis for the subsequent landscape-gardening.
    Thus it could be achieved that the natural food chain remains intact, while at the same time certain precautions are taken to provide the visitor with a maximum of visual impulse without ever subjecting nature to a forced shape. Carefully laid pathways subtly guide through this contemporary landscaped garden and emphasize it's ability to supply us with an amount of sensory perception... next
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